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Lash Lift Certification Training
Lash Lift Certification Training

Lash Lift Certification Training

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  • 1 Day Class 

Group Class 2-4 students $750/student

Private Class one-on-one $1,150

  • Price includes:


•Starter Kit: NEW Elleeplex Profusion: Student Kit Contains:

*15 Lift and 15 Setting Lotion Elleeplex Profusion

*Small / Medium / Large / X-Large Lifting Rods

*Lash Lift Adhesive

*Application Brush

*A Stainless Steel Lash Lifter.

*Elleeplex Regen (plant-based Keratin benefits)

(Minimum of 15 treatments)

***Tinting Kit is available for purchase!

What we teach in class:

  • Presentation of Elleebana company and products 
  • Introduce your kit
  • Theory: what is Lash Lift, structure of eyelashes, how Lash Lift work, how Elleebana products work.
  • Learn Elleebana’s very unique protocol of how to conduct a Lash Lift procedure.
  • UNIQUENESS: Learn how to reverse or relax over-proccessed Lift in this course.
  • Hands-on Practice on Real Model
  • Social Media and Business building
  • In order to complete the Training and Obtain Elleebana’s Certificate, students need to submit 3 case studies at the comfort of your home and your own time, email them and you will be certified or need to come back for the next class.

***Bonus: you will also learn how to do Tinting Eyelashes and Brow Lamination with the same products.

  • Why with Elleebana?

Elleebana is an Australian company, established for over 2 decades. Our commitment to providing professional quality products backed with excellence in service is what we live for and strive to achieve always.

Elleebana Lash Lift products are the best on the market, chosen by our Trainer Sophia Chau Hoang. They are Hypoallergenic, Parabens free, Formaldehyde free, Gluten free, Latex free and No Animal testing.


Preparation for Class:

  • Your Book will be provided that you can take note.
  • Keep your nails short.
  • Wear comfortable clothes, wear glasses instead of contact lenses.
  • Phone in silent and out of sight in class.
  • Rest well
  • Ilashpro is not responsible to make up missed hours if student comes late, so please be on time.
  • 50% deposit is required when registering for class.
  • The rest is paid on the training day.

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